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Sydney Youngblood was born in 1960 in the town of San Antonio, Texas (USA).

As a boy of 3 he was playing with Daddy`s records.

At a young age Sydney could already be seen performing on stage.

What starded as a `good fun`became his passion and life mission.

At 6 Sydney won a young musicians competition in his home town.

At the time his grandmother would call him “Youngblood” – perfectly depicting his vibrant energy.

He was playing and singing with various bands throughout the 80`s.

By 1988 Sydney was performing as a solo artist with various well known producers.

“Feeling Free” , his first album launched in England in 1989 was his musical break through.

“IF ONLY I COULD” and “SIT AND WAIT” stormed the charts world wide and put him on the music map.

His hit interpretation of the Etta James classic  ” I`D RATHER GO BLIND” established him on the US charts.

Both on the stage and in the studio, Sydney`s expressive voice and talented bass and flute performances were always powerful and moving.

Thanks to his unique style of music Sydney Youngblood has been able to sell over 6 million records around the world.

The facts don`t lie. 30 years experience in the music business with many top 10 songs and singles, 4 albums and countless music industry awards speak for Sydney Youngblood, an exceptional musician.

Back in the studio his new productions promise to be “Special Highlight`s”.

biographie: Über uns
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